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Tommy and Carol McCrary found and then recorded the following information in 2002. If you need more detailed directions please email Carol at gypsycarol@yahoo.com

This cemetery is located in a cow pasture on private property close to Wynne.We found 12 stones.
double stone
1. Wade H.Pippin-March 20,1896 in the 74th yr. of his age.
2. Bethiah Pippin May 1,1903 in the 68th yr. of her age
3. Mary E. dau.of G.F. and E.R.Dixon born July 6,1872
died March 12,1894
4.Jay Milton died Aug. 6,1866 aged 3mo. 26 days
5. John M.Koonce b.Feb.22,1854 d.Sept.25,1882
6. Mary Johnnie dau. of J.W. and L.M. Koonce
b.Feb.21,1882 d.Feb.8,1887
7. (name missing}dau. of J.W. and L.M.Koonce
b.Nov.10,1879 d.Aug.21,1893
8. Sarah Roberts b.July 9,1808 d.Jan.7,1892
9.Saphrona Hartwell b.Jan.19,1837 d. Aug.22,1885
10.Daniel Boone b.Feb.9,1844 d.Oct.20,1904
11. Fidelie wife of D.G.Thomson b.Dec.30,1838 d.Sept.10,1885
12. E.W.Chappelle b.April 7,1817 d. May 30,1868

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